flight risk

TW: suicide, depression

i’m the only one who’s ever felt pain
the only one who’s ever known hate
baby, i know, cause nobody can live
with such horror in their brain

and if you had? you’d be just like me
you’d feel nothing at all
cause you killed yourself years ago
but only now they’re telling you

you’re a flight risk

why are there windows if we aren’t meant to jump?

i ask these things and i see their concern
they don’t yet know i’m too far gone
all they say, all they see is that

i’m a flight risk

every breath we’ve taken, it’s been a crime
every word we say, it’s terrorism
we’re being tried by sanity
we all know i’m guilty
i wanna serve my time
but, Lord, i’m scared

i know i’m a flight risk

forgive me
forgive me
forgive me

i’m pleading instability
they stare me down
it’s my worst fear: i’ve been right
no one could ever forgive me for being this way

i’m a flight risk

i hope someday someone could love me
i hope someday i could love someone
i wish i had another day
i wish i was someone who God could hear
but you know that’s not my name
no one knows my name
soon i’ll forget it too

cause i’m a flight risk

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