Good Morning

Life is a staircase and you’re trying to climb it. You miss a step and you think you slide all the way back down. Your knees are bruised. Your elbows hurt. You raise your head and try to see the top but it’s too far away. Why would you try again? It hurts, it hurts, … Continue reading Good Morning


Glory Words

His name is the song of nations, His word is the straight path and bread, His love is our hope and portion, His truth is the scarlet he bled. We call to him in times of need. We sing glory words to the sky, For where we fail, he will succeed. He is our one … Continue reading Glory Words

Voted Most Likely Tag

Presennntiiiing the Voted Most Likely tag whichIshamelesslystole! Rule One: thank the blogger who tagged you! Rule Two: Include this link — — in your post. (That’s the original tag, I think.) Rule Three: Use your OWN original characters for the tag! Don’t use a friend’s characters or the characters from your favorite fandoms. Your … Continue reading Voted Most Likely Tag