are thieves afraid in the dark?

in the blink of an eye, our hearts can be heard
we can stumble to our knees, let the blood fall from our battered skin
and without touching the skeleton of this sorrow, the flesh melts away

but when we pretend God’s eyes are closed
are you afraid?
are you afraid to be who you desire to be?
we think perhaps we’ve never desired anything beautiful after all
we pretend, we desire, but we really never think

but are we afraid?
inch by mile, we creep closer to the chasm of our design
but no one sees us, just the way we like
the way we like? what do we like?

let me steal your heart, dissect it
let me woo your love, corrupt it
let me show you night, defeat it

we may be thieves
but you and I, we know the truth
the night is full of fear
even if your own soul is black as ink

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