Poem 2 – Dusk’s False Promises

I truly appear to be just as incapable of editing or even reading over my work once its done as I am of writing anything that’s happy without any traces of bittersweet. I would love to have some sort of excuse or reason for that, but…here’s the poem instead!

Dusk’s False Promises
With tread soft and light she crept,
The purple-grey waters near within her reach.
A sweep of her arm brushed away
Layers of ivy grown for that day
When protection she would seek, and find
None but in their wind-soft whisperings.
The rocks slid and clicked ‘neath her feet,
Begging her to turn and flee no more.
The wind was heartless, soft fingers
Pushing away the rays of the sun
While still she needed their comfort.
But the edge of water ran to meet her toes,
And she towards it, longing to embrace
Its dark shadows, puddles of waning light.
She felt the dearth of light within, without,
So ran heedless, hungry to fading joy –
Dusk’s false promises of color and light.
Night came quickly, but quicker she ran,
And water still with the traces of warmth
Slid over her legs and heart and head.
She had found her day, enshrouded
In the pretext of twilight, gentle and mild
As true brilliance never could have been.
Curtains of ivy hung helpless and limp,
Eloquent in grief where words had failed
To express promises of joy evermore
In a day that would now never come.

Day 2: survived and I’m actually rather happy with it.

4 thoughts on “Poem 2 – Dusk’s False Promises

  1. I challenge you to write something out of utter ridiculousness. And by that I mean you need to make it fluffy and fun, you introspective chess goose

    Liked by 1 person

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