Poem 3 – One Man

Have I mentioned that I’m terrible at rhyme and syllables? They’re such an emotion killer. But I figure I can’t get worse (hopefully), so practice might make me better. Or maybe it will do nothing. Anyway, have something happy that I wrote instead of doing school.

One Man
Splinters of wood are kept like gold
World-forming words told and retold
A man who gave away His name
A man who humbly took all shame
A gracious God who came to us
A God who preached to men aweless
Now we cry out His name at death
For now we have life through His breath
Now we love, now we sing aloud
But as liars break words we vowed
But from one man He turned away
One may lay at birth in the hay,
One man took what we bought with sin
And gave His righteousness within
That man, who had not hope or claim,
Would share His family: one name
Stories are told of His passion
People shout and cry, “It is done!”
Safety is found for souls once lost
For God so loved to pay the cost.

Day 3: survived, but eh.

One thought on “Poem 3 – One Man

  1. Heyyyy!!! This was wonderfully done!!! Don’t sell yourself short. It was happying and hopeful and lovely!


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