Poem 1 – The Ring

What a promising start for a decidedly unbalanced April! In so many ways.

Moving on from bad to also bad, I’ve decided to try to post every day this month. Mostly because La Fille and Lemon are both going to do that and I think my friends are cool.

I can’t afford to be too picky about my poetry, mostly because I am terrible at editing, and partly this month because I’m just going to be writing too much poetry, so I should expect to only produce about two that I like.

However, I can be a little picky, and that’s why I quenched the tired desire in my mind to title this poem “Diamonds are Forever.” I have at least that much competence and pride. That’s why I chose such a creative title in its stead.

The Ring
It was a promise and plea
It was bondage and jewels
She was trapped and made more free
Forever down one aisle

And when she looked at her hand
She saw everything she was,
All that she’d be in that band.
She knew it all in one pause


Forever hadn’t been so long
And she wondered at her vow.
If he was no longer strong,
How ever would she be now?

Diamonds on her hand still shone.
Once he had asked her to wed,
Never to leave her alone.
He’d promised to lead ahead.


Head bowed, now she understood;
Pure light was their next joint home:
He had led her as he should.
He waited; soon would she come.

As her hands grew weak, the ring
Clutched her as he wished to do,
And when her soul took light wing,
Home to her two loves she flew.

Day 1: survived without honors.

2 thoughts on “Poem 1 – The Ring

  1. AWwwwww, this was sweeeeeeeet and soooo prettyyyy. Properly lovel and all that for sure! And yayyyy, continue on posting!


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