We Are The Fire

I guess people don’t fall in love to stay.
Belief is just words to scream
Or worse, to hide.
People can’t be trusted because
They hate.

I guess you were right when you said I should hide.
Perfection is just something to break
Or worse, to mock.
I can’t be trusted because
I’m afraid.

What an ugly place this world pretends not to be.

She fears, sheds her tears, covers her ears, wishes away the years.
Don’t break, crack, shatter, fall apart; save your heart.

“…till death do us part.”
“Praise be to the Lord.”

Incinerate the narrow strait, don’t wait, agitate, altercate, deflagrate, abdicate.

“You won’t let them get me, will you?”

My only love, they’re inside of you,
And sharp shards of you
Fallen along by the wayside
Mark the path to the past.

“There’s flames everywhere I don’t want to be,
And I think my soul is burning.”

What an ugly way we pretend not to blame each other for destroying the world.

I guess people don’t fall in love to stay
And I know you’ll leave me far too soon
Because it’s so hard to care about anything.

We’ll find the sun if we run from the smoking guns that spun eight million lies in the palm of your hand in glorious arson.

Eight millions lies telling us the world isn’t on fire.

I never meant to be afraid,
And you were hurt enough to hate.
You were the match; I, the kindling.
We are the fire, from the inside out.

If only people fell in love to stay.

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