My Lord is Faithful

To die such a death unto death
That life may be lived without fear,
To learn in life to breathe his breath,
That even here he might be near –
This, Lord, a prayer from a lost heart
Hoping that life may make it found.
To the end, from this day, my start,
In me let divine grace abound
To clothe, to cover, and to save
A rebel who of anger boasts
From this, her chosen home, the grave.
The one who knows all forgives most,
And he knows how this story ends.
So through my fear and through my doubt,
I believe each flaw he will mend.
He will walk with me through the drought,
He will lift me above the waves
Because I am blood of his blood,
My Lord is faithful and he saves.
When my heart fears the rushing flood,
I’ll know death is dead unto me;
Nothing here can make me despair,
For I know God has heard my plea –
“You are my child,” he has declared.
Now I live this life without fear,
For his truth has made me an heir;
I know even here, he is near.

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