Good Morning

Life is a staircase and you’re trying to climb it.
You miss a step and you think you slide all the way back down.
Your knees are bruised. Your elbows hurt.
You raise your head and try to see the top but it’s too far away.

Why would you try again?

It hurts, it hurts, everything hurts.
There’s no handrail, no walls; if you fall, you might truly fall.
But you fell, and you’re at the bottom, and where are you?
You can’t see what’s at the top.

Why would you try again?

You aren’t climbing alone.
Close your eyes too long and you forget.
Why did you let the darkness take you over?
There’s scarlet perfection all over you.

This is a cry for help.

Maybe if we all sleep well tonight, pain will be gone tomorrow.
Isn’t there just more darkness when we close our eyes?
Maybe there’s somewhere far away you can run.
Maybe you can hide.

This is a cry for help.

What if we can’t fix it?
We can’t fix it.
What do we do if we can’t fix it?
You’re afraid because you can’t fix it.

This is a prayer.

It’s hard to pray when you’re at the bottom.
No top in sight, no guards to be found.
You’re at the bottom and your eyes are closed.
You aren’t staring up anymore.

This is a prayer.

Tell me when you open your eyes.
Let me carry you a few steps.
Tell me when you’re ready to try again.
Let me fight for you.

This is lostness talking; is there anyone there?

This is hope, can I help you?

Are we ships passing in the dark?

Would you like to drown it all away?

Where is the place that I am safe?


Good morning, I see that the sun has risen once again.

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Woah. Ellery, this is beautiful. And so sad… It almost sounds like a song, or at least like there should be some form of drums or something in the background.


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