The Quiet Path

All those paths you walked upon –
Would you have guessed that they led
Through so many dusks and dawns?
That you needed to have bled
Your heart away, have forgone
The ease with which they have tread?
Your companions all have gone,
Finally your mask is shed.

You’re lonely and your eyes cry,
But at last they are true tears.
Nobody saw that you had tried,
You never could share your fears.
No longer can you deny
Truth you’ve hidden all these years.
Maskless, you can’t tell a lie,
And shyly, you have appeared.

The days you breathed through the pain
Are gone in this quiet wood.
Without people, you’re humane.
With people, alone you stood.
Stand again, shake off your chains
Learn how your fearful heart could
Give love with both hands, remain
On the path you know is good.

A quiet path you’ve chosen,
Found when you were so weary
You’ll give your hand to someone,
Learn to be alone and free.
Freely pick up the fallen,
Alone, apart, learn to be.
With them, stare into the sun.
A quiet path, not empty.

6 thoughts on “The Quiet Path

    1. Thank you! Basically, it’s about learning to be satisfied without people so that you can actually be a good person when you’re with people, as well. Often it doesn’t work when you do it the other way around. 🙂

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