We’ll Have Faith

You told me people are ugly things.
There’s a tired, dirty little boy lying against his brother.
A girl with no hair is singing out of key, her eyes lifted to the sky.
Look at him, praying as his parents fight.
She is not afraid even though she knows she is unloved here.
They wept when he killed himself.
I love you, I love you, I love you.

You told me nobody could understand.
Now I’m sitting here and watching the girl with sad eyes and arms spread wide writing our anthem.
There’s a boy sitting by, applauding her, as his faith slowly slips between his fingers.
Crowds of people tumble round, learning what pictures tears can paint.
None of us know where to start, but we all know how it will end.
Was there no one wiser to do this?
Everyone scrambles, searching for a way to loose the hurt that binds them.
I love you, I love you, I love you.

You told me we must have faith.
I have faith that our shells will be shattered in this world.
I have faith that the tears which soothe me to sleep will sting sometimes.
I have faith that sometimes, it will feel like I don’t have faith.
I have faith that you will wound me.
I have faith that I will sin and have no excuse.
I have faith that sometimes nobody will understand.
I have faith that people are ugly things.

You told me more, you told me more, but the silence insulating my heart was too loud for me to hear.
Please, stop. Stop murdering me with your heavy ugliness.
You tell me of my weakness, so understand that I am weak.
I love you, I love you, I love you.
You are beautiful, my beloved, ugly, sinful friend.
Please, stem the flow of your desperation: listen, listen to what I’m trying to say.

We will be broken.
The tenderness of our raw skin will sting, and we will sob, beg for mercy.
We will be ashamed and afraid, for we will be naked.
How beautiful will we be when our armor falls from us and we stand exposed.

We will shed tears in the dark of the night that pain us.
Our eyes will be clouded, and it will feel as if we can see nothing.
We will be brought low and miserable, for we won’t understand.
How beautiful will we be when we are raised from our pain and placed in the presence of Love.

We will have seasons in which we’re uncertain of our faith.
Ridicule, depression, fear, and distance will rip us asunder.
We will be lost, and we will feel as if we have no direction.
How beautiful will we be when we know what it means to wander, but are brought home.

We will be wounded by each other.
Brother of mine I love, your jagged, imperfect edges will brush me.
We will be angry and hurt, for we will feel betrayed.
How beautiful will we be when we are united in forgiveness, sheltered in God’s arms.

We will sin and have no excuse.
Desperation, anger, hunger, bitterness, they will warp our minds.
We will be destitute, for we have no excuse.
How beautiful will we be when we stand clothed in God’s righteousness.

We will not always understand each other.
Fear, pride, and distrust stand between us.
We will be removed from each other, for we are too deaf to hear.
How beautiful will we be when our hearts are again joined.

We will be ugly things.
Sin is within us and it plays within us here on earth.
We will be abhorrent, for we have fallen from beauty.
How beautiful will we be when we are lifted away from sin.

Oh, my brother, stop speaking in these tongues of grave despair.
Despair is in us, so long as our eyes are upon this world.
Come with me, let us rise above, let us be wounded and ugly and sinful and imperfect here.
Someday we’ll be more, someday we’ll be whole, together, and perfect.
I love you, I love you, I love you.

People are ugly things and sometimes nobody will understand.

We’ll have faith.

10 thoughts on “We’ll Have Faith

  1. This is amazingly beautiful and well written, for so many reasons. First of all, the repetition of both the “we are ugly things” lines and the “I love you” lines really stressed their importance, and I feel you utilized that well. Also, the continuous reminder of the overall theme of faith really shone through, even though at first glance it seems like a depressing poem. There’s hope in these words, even if they don’t technically mean happy, bright, joyful things. I think you did a really great job putting this together.

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