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So I’m doing a kinda-tag that nobody had to guilt-trip me into doing! (Just kidding, I love y’all.) Anyway, it’s a historic moment. I noticed this tag first on Maya’s blog and then tracked it to its original source here on Christine’s blog. An informal and most appreciative thanks to both of them!

So this is basically going to be an introduction to what I’m tentatively planning for my NaNo novel. Knowing me, it will likely end way differently than I’m currently planning it, but this will serve as a good point of reference for me to laugh at my naive hopes and dreams when I’ve reached the crazed and slightly (extremely) desperate place of November 29th or thereabouts.

This will be my second NaNo, and I didn’t really love the way my first one turned out. I tackled too much with too little planning; an allegorical novel of the type I undertook deserved way more time. So this time I’m doing two things differently: I picked a lighter topic (in some ways, at least) and am planning slightly more.

Alright, and on to the question!

1. What first sparked the idea for this novel?

I was eavesdropping on a couple friends having a conversation about writing and cliches, and one of them said something along the lines of flipping cliches around and making them something new. I started churning that idea around in my mind, and Witch by Day (just as tentative a title as everything else about this story is) was born. I wanted cliches except…not.

2. Share a blurb!

*struggles like a fish out of water* Okay, fine, I’ll try to do that thing I’m so bad at: succinctness.

Rosalind loved everything about being a princess except the living arrangements, the princes, the societal preoccupation with her great beauty, the way she felt generally useless, and the clothes she was supposed to wear.

That left the dragon. She loved the dragon.

Life wouldn’t have been bad if she hadn’t had to kill quite so many princes. They were intent on giving her no choice in the matter (as in all things in her life) and the situation quickly became more and more intolerable.

After suffering twofold tragedy and knowing she’s to blame, Rosalind quickly turns into a person even she can’t recognize.

She had always been good at making people share her pain, but her bitterness is spiraling out of control.

The healing she fought so hard against was intent on finding her at last, if only she’d be willing to accept it.

*stares critically at above blurb* So…that has an entirely different tone than my novel is going to. What can I say, I’m terrible at blurbs.

3. Where does the story take place? What are some of your favorite aspects about the setting?

Uhhh, I have no clue?? Fantasy setting? *terrified maniacal laughter* I clearly have not planned enough. Excuse me while I go die. Hopefully I’ll be back in time to die officially along with everyone else after NaNo actually starts.

4. Tell us about your protagonist(s).

So. Rosalind is a terrible person. Okay, that sounds unfair. She’s just an emotionally stunted, insensitive, aggressive, impatient, cynical, vengeful childie. She does have the capability of very deep affection, it’s just limited to a few….okay, to one (kinda) person. And character growth!! There’s really nowhere she can go but up from here.

Also, her issues aren’t entirely unjustified. They are a little, but her parents didn’t listen to her and pretty much abandoned her, so she does have trust issues. And then another thing happens, but that’s spoilers, so stay tuned for that. She’ll be okay in the end. Maybe.

She’s really my only protagonist, though there are going to be three other important characters in the story. They’re much nicer and less likely to kill you.

5. Who (or what) is the antagonist?

Love? Happiness? Peace on earth, good will to men?

I suppose if I’m being more serious and even slightly philosophical (*gasp*) the antagonist is the demons and personal struggles within Rosalind and a few of the other characters. We are our own worst enemies, and all. *much philosophical nodding*

6. What excites you the most about this novel?

Firstly that I’ve never done anything even remotely fairy-tale-ish, so I am totally unprepared for this! Yay!

Secondly that so far and if my planning holds at all true (we have about a 40% chance), my weird sense of humor is featuring largely. Yes, I make myself laugh. Now if only anyone else found me amusing… But anyway, this story seems like it will be a good canvas for me to splatter my style all over it.

7. Is this going to be a series? standalone? something else?

Standalone. Unless someone offers me money. Lots of it. I’d then consider making it a series, a book of poetry, a comic book, or pretty much anything else they wanted.

8. Are you plotting? pantsing? plansting?

I guess I’m plantsing. Which pretty much means that I’m terrible at both plotting and pantsing, so I decided to be terrible at both at once! I have my plot figured out and I’m trying (such an emphasis on trying) to get a general notion of what I want in each chapter. Beyond that, I’m freefalling. And screaming. Because I thought I had a parachute, but nope.

9. Name a few things that makes this story unique.

It’s a fairy tale in which the princess has no interest in romance (well…*spoilers*) throughout the whole novel and ends up very single (kinda more spoilers, but deal with it). It is somewhat a romance, but its focus in my mind is more on redemption, healing, pain, all that good stuff.

Another thing that’s unique is my sense of humor infused throughout. There’s a reason it’s unique.

Also, He’s not really a theme nor is He exactly part of the story, but Jesus. He’s unique. I love Jesus. Jesus is the unique in my story.

10. Share a fun “extra” of the story (a song or full playlist, some aesthetics, a collage, a Pinterest board, a map you’ve made, a special theme you’re going to incorporate, ANYTHING you want to share!).

*brandishes Spotify playlist*

I probably just messed that up. (That’s also the title of my biography coming out in a few years.) Anyway, I’m not done with the playlist, but it’s a start!

Andd that’s all the questions! Thanks for creating this writer linkup/tag, Christine! I’m so excited for this particular method of death. I wish all my writer comrades the best of luck and the most caffeine-y of coffee.

We will die. But we won’t die without the glory of…being wonderful, slightly crazy, extremely enthusiastic (sometimes. rarely.) writers! (Also, if any of y’all want a NaNo buddy, I’m on as ElleryS!)

Happy writing!

11 thoughts on “Know the Novel / I’M COMING FOR YOU, NANO

  1. HA!! /I/ find you ridiculous and amusing, darling. So don’t worry, I know I’ll enjoy your novel. *angelic smile* Also, you’d better finish it. *aggressively pokes*

    Liked by 1 person


    Okay, but seriously, you said you wanted to flip cliches and WOW. This sounds like THE most cliche flipping novel! I think it’s so, so interesting how the main characters isn’t exactly a hero. And I am ALL for deep character arcs so YES! Loooove! Also, fairy tales are my most favorite things of ever…and dragons…and humor. And Jesus of course! Basically, this has EVERYTHING I love! It sounds absolutely amazing! This was a treat getting to hear about it! I do hope the writing goes well. (The “Hopefully I’ll be back in time to die officially along with everyone else after NaNo actually starts.” line killed me because…it’s so true. XD)

    Thank you for joining the linkup!


  3. Ahh, I love the sound of this! A princess who hates all the princes but loves the dragon? Awesome 😀
    “It’s a fairy tale in which the princess has no interest in romance (well…*spoilers*) throughout the whole novel and ends up very single (kinda more spoilers, but deal with it).” << sounds so cool…but also so mysterious! I do like the idea of the fairy tale princess being single though. With a dragon. I can't get over the dragon 😛
    Good luck with NaNo! I sent you a buddy request (SeekJustice) 🙂

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  4. THIS IS SO GREAT OH MY WORD. I loooove your sense of humor and can already tell this is going to be an awesome, cliché-flipping story! I haven’t tried writing such an unlikable protagonist before, but it sounds like you’re on the right track to make Rosalind super fascinating. Also DRAGONS. YES.

    This is only my first NaNo, so I guess we can die together. XD

    Liked by 1 person

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