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Two tags in a row! Because hey, they’re about writing and characters, and we have exactly one week (eek) before NaNo, so how could I resist?


  1. Include this link in your post: Musical OC Tag
  2. Use the tag graphic (above) in the post
  3. Use your OCs! Find one (or more if you like) that fit the categories/descriptions of each musical character (pictures/drawings are always fun)
  4. Tag five people to do the tag! (include all necessary requirements, like linking to their blogs and making sure they know they have been tagged)
  5. Enjoy the tag!


Elphaba [Wicked] – oddball/outcast who becomes something great

*incapable of the artistries and uninclined toward the pinterests, we has a sad lack of the beauteous images*

All of my characters are weirdos and they’re all wonderful (in my unbiased, maternal opinion), but I’ll pick Juliet Faith [With Their Eyes Closed] and Demyan Orlav [Sign Language] for this.

Juliet is an immensely talented artist whose dreams (and talent, to a degree) are crushed by the onset of World War I. Her young uncle (her artistic idol and the one who taught her to draw in the first place) dies in the war, causing Juliet to retreat from drawing, leading to a fallout with most of her immediate family and a decline in her mental health. She receives healing, though, and goes on to achieve things that before would have been out of her reach. This story isn’t very developed, sadly, but I love the idea and plan to work with it someday.

Demyan Orlav is a Russian who immigrated to the United States with his parents, siblings, and another family when he was four. He is the rebellious one, the one who wants to shock and change the world in equal measures. He doesn’t ever achieve this in quite the way he wants, but it does eventually happen.

Jack Kelly [Newsies] – leader who is also the head of a dysfunctional family

Huh. I don’t write many leader characters. I suppose the closest I can find is probably Robert [Only A Fool].

He does his best to keep everybody in line and make sure everything goes smoothly, but…all of his people are so weird. And assassins. Life isn’t easy for Robert. Fortunately, he’s as dysfunctional as most of them are, so he can’t complain that much.

Race Higgins [Newsies] – jokester who is also the protector of everyone in the family 

Definitely Piers [A Shared Mind].

He likes to drive people crazy. He also likes to risk his life to make sure they’re okay. Piers would willingly jump off a cliff if it meant protecting someone he either cared about or who he was responsible for, but if you fall down? Piers probably tripped you. Even if he didn’t, he’s going to laugh at you. In a friendly way, of course.

Davey [Newsies] – the only rational one, always has a plan and knows big words

Hmm, none of my characters are the best at plans. Perhaps Simon [Solitarius Sum in Tenebris].

Simon is only a wee childie, and he’s very good at adopting a Cockney accent, but taking care of your little sisters and telling a confused monk how to overthrow an impostor’s plot to overthrow the crown will do things to you. He knows what he’s doing. He’s also good at stealing.

Eliza [Hamilton] – adorable one (also the protective mom-friend)

Oh, I have a lot of these. Alyona Nikolaev [Sign Language], Cecilia (not positive about that name yet) [Witch by Day], Sarah DuColt [A Shared Mind], Conradin [Solitarius Sum in Tenebris], Kathy [With Their Eyes Closed]. Yeah, I have too many works in progress. I’ll talk about Cecilia, because she’s the only one from the WiP I should actually be focusing on right now.

Unfortunately, Cecilia also isn’t very developed yet and telling too much about her role in the story is pretty spoiler-ish. So all I’ll say about her is that she is so precious and adorable that even Rosalind has to admit it. At least a little. She also smothers everyone with affection and attention and concern, which annoys a few people and endears most other people.

Aladdin [Aladdin]- the ragamuffin street kid 

Well, he’s not a street child exactly, but he’s a…forest child? He’s also adorable, so we’ll go with Atlas [Witch by Day].

Atlas is a little ragamuffin child who finds and adopts Rosalind even though she is very unimpressed by the fact that he is male. He likes her dragon. He also thinks she needs a friend (and he’s very right, too. (He usually is.))

Anna [Frozen] – the young, slightly naive sweet character

Uh, also Cecilia. But I did her already, so this time I’ll do…Julienne [Only A Fool].

The reason Julienne is so infuriating to everyone around her is that she still believes in rainbows and fairies even though everyone knows perfectly well that she’s an assassin. She reconciles these two points of view by being quite sure that she’s only killed people 1) she couldn’t get anybody else to kill and 2) who absolutely needed to die. She falls in love a little too much and gets conned a little too much to be super good at her job, though.

Enjolras [Les Miserables] – the rebel, contrarian who breaks all the rules

Rosalind [Witch by Day].

She’s not exactlyyy a rebel, but she delights and revels in breaking all the rules. What are princesses supposed to do? Fall in love with a prince, you say? Excellent, then Rosalind will terrify and hassle princes instead.

George Bailey [It’s A Wonderful Life] – the traveler, dreamer

Ooh, Jonathan Espina [The Weak].

Jonathan, now that I think about it, is both a geographical traveler and a time traveler. He dreams about being better, about saving his friends, about having a deep truth within himself. I kinda love Jonathan.

Clopin [The Hunchback of Notre Dame]- the magic one, maybe slightly crazy

Well, he doesn’t exactly have magic, but being a dragon counts as magic, right? I don’t do many magical characters, so it has to be Pyrtrotys [Witch by Day].

The coolest thing about Pyrtro is that he’s a dragon, obviously. And he isn’t as crazy as Rosalind, but he has a definite healthy dose of crazy in him. Especially if someone hurts Rosalind. He will eat you. Literally.

I tag…….the pseudonymous Lemon. And anybody else who wants to do it. (:

Thanks for tagging me, Kinsey! This tag was a lot of fun, besides reminding me that I have way too many stories that have never gone anywhere. (Warning to fellow writers: the time to fall in love with half a dozen of your previous WiPs is not a week before NaNoWriMo. Don’t do it.)

May the muses always sing the most melodious song called just keep writing in your ear.

I must now go silence my personal muses.

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  1. *chokes* *sputters* *screams* ELLERYYYYYYY, you need to show me all these WiPs!! And now this makes me more excited to read Witch by Day!

    (Also, thanks for the tag, again. XD)

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