Journey Partner

Before me is a long, unquiet road
And I have a heavy load.
Alone is not my way to travel – join me.

Perfection is not what I seek,
For perfection and I would hold
An awkward yoke, imbalanced and cold.

“Already there” is not the one for me,
For what journey would be ours
If you had already broken past the bars?

Neither he with lofty words, accusing eyes,
Or he who loves the darkness too well to be free.
If you are hopeless, hopeless go from me.

What further agent a gentle word,
Laughing smile, forgiving heart, awed eyes,
Than all your charming walls and lies?

If you love me as your words confess,
Don’t make my tender heart consider
That you love an earthly other better.

If a wanderer you are, wander on.
My promise is forever –
Anything less is far too little.

If love in me you would inspire,
Then let love be your driving fire:
A rule by which you live your life.

A journey partner is what I seek
To hold my body, life, and mind,
And together journey on – till the end of time.

One thought on “Journey Partner

  1. This is great, Ellery, but the way the rhyme at the end of each line is kind of confuses me. I love the meaning and words, though.


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