sing to me

did I, by existing and embracing my essence, make you shrink in your seat?
or was it I, sitting tall and crying out words you may never have heard?
I am full of joy and passion, it’s true, but how could I ever desire to flood the flame in your heart with my deluge of delighted syllables and paragraphs?

you shrink and you shrink, you roll up tight and bitter inside the dark cave of your mind
(shouldn’t my mind be brighter, like everyone else’s? you wonder)
I talk too much and I know these words and I’m in love with love
the clouds live in my head, they got so used to me visiting
and here you are, tight and wordless, your mouth fearing to open

I’m sorry
my heart is broken for your broken heart

let’s never compete again, says the winner
my voice is loud, but I love silence when it means I get to hear your voice

I’ll turn to silence more and more, patient inside this airy head of mine
asking the deluge to pause and pause and pause
becoming one with the quiet and the peace
in hopes of one day hearing your voice

2 thoughts on “sing to me

  1. This is achingly beautiful and so true that it takes my breath away and I HAD to read it several times over. Truly. Thank you for writing and sharing this with us, Ellery! ❤ 🙂

    (Also, reading this makes me want to make a folder/bookmark category for posts titled "writing that inspires and reminds me of my writing" because reading this reminds me too much of one of my WIP's characters thinking and life… Actually, I'm going to make a page titled that right now 🙂


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