I serve a wrathful God who’s turned his wrath from me!

A King, a Lord, a Father God has set his eyes on me;

A servant, meek and mild, a lover, strong and wild,

Has from eternity chased this sinner child most defiled.

Winds from Gethsemane blow most joyous refrain:

Christ tempted, Christ in pain – he overcame, on high he reigns!

Tortured cries of a man most divine speak freedom,

Deliverance over his blood-bought, prodigal kingdom.

Hallelujah! My hands are cleansed, my soul is freed;

Hallelujah! I thirst for you! This hope alone I need.

My King, my King, dwell in me. My Lord, I am yours.

Sin I now abhor, and above all else your face adore.

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