Selective NaPoWriMo

So. I decided not to post every day, as is abundantly clear. There were several reasons for that, the best of which being my distraction due to things like taking scissors to my own hair. (No regrets.) Worse, more boring reasons would be focusing on other (actually important) things. Also, I was a little bored just posting a poem a day.

However, I still love poetry, so I’m going to dump some poetry fragments here with which I’m more or less satisfied (mostly less).

Maybe if I didn’t feel so alone
There wouldn’t be any ghosts in this room

Perpetually traumatized
And certainly dramatized
It’s not that I’m a broken mess
I just find that I couldn’t care less

Fiberglass strand
Winding up my wrist
Grey cloud of smoke
Stinging open eyes
Sweet biting pain,
Cleanse me of darkness

Balancing on the precipice
I look into your eyes and I
I fall.

And again I’m a sticky mess on the cold, hard floor
Gasping, choking, I try to remember how to breathe
While I try to convince myself I don’t need to know

Oh, God, again the stately bells condemnation bring
I don a gorgeous mask for the final, fateful swing
Again a traitor headless, speechless bleeds in the square
I hold my head aloft and cry, “Murderers, beware!”

(I’m mostly doing this for you, Lemon.)

Anyway, my posting future is uncertain, but as I read and write and think and explore more, I will (likely) return with my findings.

Happy writing to all the intrepid souls who dare endeavor!

7 thoughts on “Selective NaPoWriMo

  1. OHH!!! Very much appreciated! Though the full poems would be great, as well!! I love the three lines one! Very properly satisfyingly whole! And your rhythm choices are all wonderful!

    Liked by 1 person

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