Poem 7 – Summer’s Highlight Reel

I waited much longer today to write my poem than I’ve done thus far, and it turned out actually happy! Maybe if I write my poetry later in the day, it’ll be less darkly imageful? Anyway, this poem isn’t one of my favorites that I’ve written, but it’s light and happy and I’m satisfied!

Summer’s Highlight Reel
His brown arms and bare feet
Her gap teeth and loose hair
They shriek with laughter
As water glistens in the air

Drips slide from their cheeks
Their feet crunch in dry grass
Their fingers are always sticky
They make faces in the glass

He races her up a sunslide
She screams longer than he could
Sweaty, tousled, pink, they rest
At night, they gather firewood

By a waning fire ‘neath the stars
Their heads in unison fall
Full of sun, wind, ice cream
This perfect day, they’ve had it all

Day 7: 7/10 just because it made me happy, even though it’s not objectively very good.

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