Poem 6 – He is Hungry

I don’t even know what this poem is today. Consider it metaphorical and loose and meant to be interpreted in…some sort of way. As the author, I can definitively confirm that there’s no right answer because I don’t know what I was saying to begin with. I read it over when I was done and decided how I was interpreting it.

I’m my own audience. Maybe that’s why I talk to myself…

He is Hungry
Through snowstorms of eyeless humans,
Padding through drifts of freezing, melting
Fear and choking, simpering self-love,
Stalks the shining-eyed tiger
Hungry, hungry, hungry, ever hungry
Snow melting beneath its feet,
Sharp teeth bared impatiently
Pounces upon a trembling hare
Crushing jaw contracts, and blood
Blood seeps across the snow.
Hissing, more snow melts away
The rest by blood forever stained
Hungry, hungry, hungry, ever hungry
The tiger searches out life to crush,
To devour, to drink of its vitality
Sharp against the snow it stands
Proud, salivating, hungry, hungry
A girl soft and young, neck bare
Sits quiet, smiling in the snow
And the tiger, he crouches low
And he purrs, for he is hungry.

Day 6: what. e/10

4 thoughts on “Poem 6 – He is Hungry

  1. Of course you’d give it an e. Also, you know this could also be taken as somewhat a sketchy scene? ;)) Either way, I still like it! It’s got gooood imagery like always!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ehe…tiger attacking girl could be a metaphor for the..things that happen in the world. Not sure if I should mention it here?


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