We Dance On

A listless, solitary leaf, brilliantly red, drifts through the air and settles with a scrape against the concrete.
A chilly wind whispers haunting, melancholy stories around the bare upper branches of the stiff trees.
Where have all the pulsingly alive, busy little animals gone?
Why does the sun hide, sheltered behind that brooding, billowing sheet of grey?
Everything is so quiet and still, a world falling into a deathly sleep.
Yet like a mocking laugh in the face of nature, we live.
As the world sinks into colorless oblivion, we rise up, flushed and laughing.
While the world slowly, helplessly darkens, we dance on, intent on outshining the wintery moon.
Though everything around us freezes, we hold tight to each other’s hands, sharing our warmth.
Is it this, this human touch, that sustains us?
Is it a heavenly Light that sets us adrift like summer fireflies in the waning world?
Is it the color of hope and love that keeps our hearts the masterpieces they are?
Bare, brittle branches forbear to bend and break in the bitter frost.
Animals scurry away to hidden holes to wait for different times.
But we, we dance on.

4 thoughts on “We Dance On

  1. I’m impressed!! Something that isn’t depressing or sad or dark and brooding!!

    All sarcasm asides, I love the philosophy and imagery and poetry you managed to put in that!!!


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