Burn, Little Light

To be a shooting star
In a pitch dark night
Giving light from afar
Always out of sight

If they blink, you’ll be gone
Burned up forever
Before the coming dawn
Just a pale night blur

But is it worth it all?
On life’s smudged window
A tender midnight scrawl
By someone who knows

A whisper to lost souls
A wink to dreamers
A laugh in a hellhole
A gift to beggars

For one moment alone
A gasp of effort
Hoping we’ll atone
For that one burning hurt

We’d need eternity
So we burn in vain
Flickers on the sea
Of sightless black pain

But we’re lights for the blind
Even when we’re dark
In the heart and the mind
Is our grandest spark

We shine for His glory
So burn, little light
Tell that wonder story
Soon will end the night.

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