Midnight Song

Velvet blue pavement softly lit,
By glaring, helpful orange light split
Monsoon grey dyed to hopeful hue
And as soon again set askew.

This cityscape painted with night,
No light could make it shine so bright.
Yet footsteps quick tread on beauty –
A rushing, tired person sea.

They grasp gratefully at streetlamps,
Wish for home, away from the damp –
All except the girl standing still;
She’s clasped tight in a secret thrill.

A cool, dusty city wind blows,
Teasing her, catching at her clothes.
She sees the sea below, around,
But she is smiling at the ground

And the girl among the people
Stops, shaded by a church steeple.
She’s the eye of a swirling storm
And she is ready to perform.

Aloft the night wind’s wistful cry,
She leaps to kiss the satin sky.
To earth again she glides with grace,
Light of foot, meets the wind apace.

Her partner pulls her in a waltz;
Bathed in purple light, she exalts
The wind and hope and angel wings,
And to the song of kings she clings.

No one can hear the heav’nly bells,
No one sees the story she tells.
Hurry home to sleep in the dark,
Lest you’re lit by a twirling spark.

Lit aflame, sky-girl dances on
Into the night when all have gone.
And past her life, her light burns strong,
Woven into a midnight song.

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