Glory Words

His name is the song of nations,
His word is the straight path and bread,
His love is our hope and portion,
His truth is the scarlet he bled.

We call to him in times of need.
We sing glory words to the sky,
For where we fail, he will succeed.
He is our one winning ally.

I asked him how much he loved me;
He spread his arms apart and died.
With his pain, he let me run free:
Free to follow his perfect guide.

He calls for me to come back home,
For he sees I need his refuge.
But now to this world I’m on loan;
In him, I can stand the deluge.

He is a helmet, sword, and shield,
The one healer for broken things;
With his blood, all wounds he has healed.
To him alone our hearts will sing.

A/N:  I’ve been on a midnight writing spree and this is a result of that.  (Yes, that’s an excuse.)

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