Somewhere Else

Quick disclaimer – I don’t, of course, believe that literally nobody listens.  I just think such people are rare.  And this poem also isn’t just about my personal experiences, I think many people have trouble feeling as if they’re heard.

My head aches with every word
That falls from my lethargic mouth
I’m learning to try to be heard,
Learning that nobody listens.

Maybe someone is different
Maybe you know how to read hearts,
I guess I want an aberrant.
Will you care enough to find me?

We can play poker with a deck
That burned all its unhappy hearts,
Can bluff our way through our heart-wrecks,
But an ace high could sweep this table.

Let’s study you, let’s dissect me
Do you know what is missing here?
Nothing under these arteries
Nothing’s making this body run.

You can say you are not the same,
Wonder where I got so bitter,
But it’s not hard to choose a name.
Is your voice one with your label?

Are you going to hold my hand,
Or will you just talk about it?
Stay where you are on your safe land,
But I can’t sit still anymore.

I’m laying my heart at your feet
And you can choose which way to step.
This time I chose not to retreat,
And I’m asking you one time more.

If nobody will say they hear,
I will find somewhere else to be.
If you will be a slave to fear,
I will find somewhere else to be.

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