I Surrender

I surrender to knowing
I will never be enough.
To knowing when the going
That just won’t stop going gets rough,
I can’t save myself ever;
I need You to be better.

I surrender all my fears
That usually I hold close,
Because when You are near,
It’s a rapture and not the throes
Of sinful pain that I feel.
But I need Your help to heal.

I surrender my desire
For earthly recognition,
Another food feeds my fire:
Seeking to further Your mission.
But without You I’m so weak,
So remind me what I seek.

I surrender every tear
Shed with such anger and shame,
For in all these short years
That I’ve known Your glorious name,
You have never let me down;
Redemption is in Your crown.

I surrender all of me
To Your strong and gentle hands,
For You alone love me
Enough to break my self-forged bands.
In you alone I find my soul:
In this surrender, I’m whole.

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