Halfway Lamenting Song

When the burning tears
Earned by a guilty life
Come to hold a tryst
And dance with hidden fears
Your mind becomes a caustic knife.
Every house of sleep you missed,
Every thought hidden by the years,
Every time you didn’t cry,
Every hope you hadn’t kissed
The stabbing words of pain we take,
How could they equal the pain we make,
The soft cries of sincerity we fake?
Everything we do and say for the sake
Of our glowing image, don’t let it break.
If all this hurt and all these lies
You can see so well from in the dark,
How much more when you see from the skies?
And if your eyes weep this long
For such a halfway lamenting song,
Think of the tears we’ve caused to fall
From One who knows everything and all.
So let the tears burn your eyes
As time and again you try – get it wrong –
To burn these poisoned earthly ties.

4 thoughts on “Halfway Lamenting Song

  1. Niceeeeee. It reminds me of something I wrote….except less deep and slightly more positive-grumpy. Go Ellery!


  2. Huh. I thought this was really sad until the last few lines, where it sounded more like a warrior’s theme song or something like that. Nice work, Ellery.

    Liked by 1 person

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