Take My Hand

Hey, do you have a map, or could I hold your hand?
I’m a little lost today.

Take my hand.

This path is steep,
But I found a shortcut.
Have you ever seen flowers quite like these?

We were given beauty.

It’s been a while,
How are you?
Is life treating you right?

This is not where we belong.

Look over here; it’s worth a try,
You go first, you’re okay,
Just don’t look away from me.

I think I saw Heaven inside him.

Today was hard, I think something inside me broke.
I’m not sure I want to try anymore.

Please don’t give up.

Look at you, the tears have hit you hard today.
Do you think you’ll make it out alive?

This is not my home.

Let’s fight this dragon; maybe the secret of happiness is the gold beneath his wings.
When we hold the gold, we’ll matter then.

Tomorrow will come someday.

That’s quite a lot of blood you’re covered in.
Did you lose a fight?

We can’t ever lose.

Why are you lying there?
Is the blood-stained earth so much better than the stars above?

What if I’m lost?

Today was hard, they said,
“Serve my needs, you selfish creature.

Why aren’t you just like I told you to be?”

This is not our home.

Don’t run away, we were just getting somewhere,
After all this time of not knowing where we were.

My map was wrong all along.

Did you like the shortcut I showed you all those years ago?
Do you remember the flowers that we saw?

This is not where we belong.

Stop worrying so much, everything will work out.
Run away, far away, I think I hear the bullets coming.

They can’t hurt you. You’re beautiful anyway.

You’ve always been so good to me, aren’t we wonderful together?

We found a home away from home inside each other.

Hey, why do you look so joyful?
That lovely face of yours is positively glowing.

Please take my hand; they’re waiting for us.

It’s raining today, do we have to travel?
What paradise is this?

Did you know where it was all along?

You showed it to me.

I guess all the wrong paths we walked along showed us what the right way was.

I love you.

The clouds are opening up, and I know you’ve always been afraid of the thunder.
Don’t worry, we’re going to be okay.

We were given each other.

I knew we were wonderful together, and what a journey it is we’ve made.
Do you know how we got here?

I know where we’re going.

Hey, do you have a map, or could I hold your hand?
I’m a little lost today.

We’re going home together.

3 thoughts on “Take My Hand

  1. This is beautiful… it makes me think of friendships, family, and (for me) sadness.

    *looks at what I wrote* Ah, ignore me, I’m just a little pile of randomness today. It’s really good, though, Ellery, nice work!

    Liked by 1 person

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