These halls which hold decay,
These walls that remember springtime,
This floor stalked by forgetfulness,
And these people ravaged by time.

Step by step, passed these lives –
He loved, she lost, she truly lived.
Yesterday is but echoing sighs
And today is a shell of hope.

To be able to call to them, to say
“I remember,” to reach their home,
Help them think happily of someday,
And yet my lips just blankly smile.

It’s a rhyme scheme falling apart,
It’s a song which lost its key.
Wait patiently now till you can see
Beyond a hidden world inside.

A word misremembered, a day lost
I’ll hold your hand while your heart
Isn’t here, in a blur.

Everything is shattering, nothing
Is right, should I say hold on
Or should I say Godspeed?
Won’t be long till you’re gone.

I know it isn’t pretty, I know
It isn’t easy. There’s nothing more
To say or think or do, and as you
Shatter, I’m not thinking anymore.

Another way to help us fall
Upon our knees.
I loved you so…

3 thoughts on “Godspeed

  1. This poem reminds me, along with a lot of other things on here that I never saw before, that surface-level is not the place to look with you. It’s a beautiful poem, and has a beautiful message; you’ve come so far in such a little time. Shine on, my friend. 🙂


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