A Modern Love

“I love him soo much! He’s perfect!”

Right. Of course.

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Two things. Firstly, learn the definition of “perfect.” Secondly, learn the definition of “love.”
In fact, I won’t be cruel and make you actually figure something out yourself. I’ll help.

Perfection: Jesus. End of story.

Love: Not what you have. Come back in ten years.

More seriously, though, it’s an indication of the immaturity of your affection to label the object of it “perfect.” This is where I find the difference between crushes and love. To have a crush on someone is to be in denial of or to not see the many flaws they possess. You see the good things about them and that makes you idealize and fantasize about this “perfect” idea of a person. I won’t venture to say that crushes are selfish or bad things. I firmly believe that crushes are part of the maturation of appreciation for the wonderful people God has created. They grow you, in multiple ways. Awe of and love for God’s Creation is not a bad thing. Of course, you could love God’s Creation in a more platonic way. However, due to our instinctual urge to seek for a mate, it is natural that as we mature, we will strike upon several false candidates for that. I really don’t think that hurts us. It makes us more sure of what it is for which we are seeking.

Trying to define and explain love is a far more complicated thing, and I don’t presume to have the right answer for it. I do believe that in contrast to a crush, you see the flaws of the person you love. You see them, you realize their imperfection, and you can still love them.

And, that said…

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