Dull Thoughts in a Dead World

The world is a mess. Before it’s assumed I’m assigning blame to the Liberals or the Conservatives or to men or to women, I’d just like to take the diplomatic route and say it’s everyone’s fault. So, thanks, y’all.

I’m a mess. And I can’t even blame that one on everyone. So, thanks, me. Since we’re on a roll of talking about me, I’ll also say I’m sheltered. (You know, it’s the homeschooled thing. I don’t know how to talk to people, and the only way I can count is with my fingers.) But if I’m a sheltered mess who reads the news once every month and I can still see that the world is a mess…just how big of a mess is the world really?

I think that everyone would agree that the answer is a ‘uuge mess. Of course, people would have different implications with that. But the answer would be the same. There are eight million and two things I’d like to complain about with the current state of the world. The only problem with that is that my political affiliation will then be revealed and half the world will automatically start to hate me. C’est la vie. Not going to let something that trivial stop me from complaining.

We’ll start with abortion. We will then proceed to lamenting the fact that there is not a wall around the southern border of the US. After that, we’ll move to anti-Christianity movements. Got my political alignment yet? Yeah, I thought so.

I consider the warning I have given fair: run for your life if you don’t want opinions. Not just opinions about a depraved country and world, but also my super-humble and none-too-tactful opinions about modern issues, love, faith, anger, second-chances, and whatever else happens to stick in my “I need to rant about this” filter.

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